Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte

The castle was built around 1240 by Frederick II of Swabia as his residence and hunting lodge.

The massive octagonal structure with its 8 octagonal towers is enhanced by its solitary location on the top of a hill. The building had all the comforts that made it suitable to be an imperial residence.


Many rooms were heated by enormous fireplaces, and there was also a system to collect rainwater, channelled into a cistern in the courtyard or sent towards the toilets that were located in three towers on each of the two floors. But many mysteries surround this unique castle.

The size and proportions of Castel del Monte are calculated based on the golden section, but also in relation to the shadows determined by the sun when it enters the different zodiacal signs, revealing to be the summa of the astronomical, mathematical and philosophical studies of the numerous Greek, Latin, Arab scholars at the court of Frederick II.

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