Second day free... whenever you want!

"Second Day FREE… whenever you want" Regulation

On your first visit validate your entrance ticket at the automatic counter.

With just a simple click your photo will be saved in the system database and you may come back for FREE for a second visit whenever you want till January 6th 2020.

For tickets validated in these days  16,17, 23, 24 of March and from March 30th  till November 3rd 2019.

Please check the opening days calendar.


General conditions: 

1. Please, make sure you own a valid entrance ticket. Please check expiry date on the back of your ticket. Tickets with a daily validity do NOT apply to this promotion.

2. On the first visit, you need to validate your ticket in order to come back for FREE on a second day. That is quite easy:

- locate  the automatic counters next to the park’s exit turnstiles;
- have your ticket barcode read by the device;
- follow the directions on the monitor.

3. Make sure your ticket is not cut, torn or damaged as it will not considered valid: the device only accepts well-kept tickets with readable barcodes

4. The ticket is personal and not transferable to others. In case of loss, the ticket cannot be refunded or replaced in any way.

5. Free second admission is allowed any day the park is open during the season. Please check the opening days on

6. Visitors wishing to have FREE second admission will have to show their ticket, valid and not damaged, at the barcode reader at the entrance.

 7. The "Second Day FREE… whenever you want!” promotion does not include the parking rate, which must be paid again on each visit.

 In case of non-observance of any of the above general conditions, the second day free promotion will not apply.


Useful Tip: Tickets are personal, write names on them so they won’t mix up!


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