Science Fun Fair

Science Fun Fair

Science Fun Fair

A pavillon to learn while having fun and more...
This is the place to get physical with physics!

Whether on a school trip or with family and friends, children and adults can share the excitement and fun of learning and playing simultaneously.

In this Science Pavilion, the mind can be an amusing thing to use. It may come in handy, however, as you get up close and personal with the laws of nature.

Playing with the amusing devices in the Science Fun Fair, you can test the laws of physics, mechanics, optics, hydraulics and electricity, and finally you can catch on to the secret mechanics of everyday life.

It’s very simple to understand and fun to learn, thanks to Doctor Von Kaos and his clumsy assistant Otto, two of the genial characters which are the stars of the comics inside the pavilion and show how to use the devices and explain the meaning of each experiment.

Also, there is the possibility of organising and booking didactic courses for school groups!

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