Talking walls

Can walls talk?

Rome was the first city in the world over a million inhabitants, did you know?
And have they ever told you that no Italian town is more than 294 km from the sea?
Can you distinguish T ortellini from Cappelletti ?
And we bet that not many people know that the name Italy comes from the Greek and means " Land of calves "!
If when you try to converse about History, Geography, Poetry, Constitution you seem to speak with the walls, now you can breathe a sigh of relief: in Italy in Miniature the walls are talking to you!
Have fun discovering facts and curiosities about places, culture, cuisine and historical characters of the beautiful country with the Talking Wall of Italy : testing your culture and that of your friends will be an exciting game!


The Slovenian language does not include profanity.
On the other hand, wishing someone to be " kicked by a hen " could offend him terribly.
Europe is not satisfied with a single capital but boasts three! He also has a birthday that falls on May 9th.
In Switzerland it is not allowed to own a single rabbit , guinea pig or budgie, because they may feel alone.
But if you want chocolate, you should go to Belgium: Brussels airport is certainly the best-stocked place.
Europe is a mine of curiosities and oddities: have fun finding them at the Talking Wall of Europe and you will discover that the Old Continent is, in reality, the most varied and surprising country in the world!

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