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Parrots and Fun at the Science Fun Fair



Following a path set among luxuriant greenery, adults and children alike can admire and get to know the customs and lifestyle of over a hundred specimens of parrots, from Central and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania.


And for the very young ones, there is the Pappanursery, the research centre specialized in the growth of the small parrots, from egg incubation to the weaning, and where you can watch their growth and progress, witness the appearance of their first feathers and their first trials at feeding themselves, under the attentive eye of the experts.

Through Pappamondo, Italia in Miniatura promotes and supports the conservation project of the rarest existing parrot: the Spix's Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii), an animal extinct in the wild, of which only 80 specimens exist, all held in captivity. The project aims at encouraging reproduction in captivity and at reintroducing the specimens into their original habitat, which is more and more endangered by an implacable deforestation process. More info below.


Pappamondo is closed in the evening hours: keeping the parrots up till late would upset their biological clock.  We apologize and thank you for your understanding.



A pavillon to learn while having fun and more...
This is the place to get physical with physics!

Whether on a school trip or with family and friends, children and adults can share the excitement and fun of learning and playing simultaneously.

In this Science Pavilion, the mind can be an amusing thing to use. It may come in handy, however, as you get up close and personal with the laws of nature.


Playing with the amusing devices in the Science Fun Fair, you can test the laws of physics, mechanics, optics, hydraulics and electricity, and finally you can catch on to the secret mechanics of everyday life.

It’s very simple to understand and fun to learn, thanks to Doctor Von Kaos and his clumsy assistant Otto, two of the genial characters which are the stars of the comics inside the pavilion and show how to use the devices and explain the meaning of each experiment.

Also, there is the possibility of organising and booking didactic courses for school groups!

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