In 1985, UNESCO declared Segovia, Heritage of Mankind, thanks to its historical and cultural traditions and many monuments, including Alcazar.

Alcazar is one of the most enchanting castles in all of Spain. It stands majestically on the top of a rocky spur where the Eresma and Clamores Rivers meet. Its construction dates back to the 11th Century, but it was renovated and enlarged in the 15th Century, and later completely restored after a fire in 1862. The magnificent castle is in Gothic style, embellished with splendid Moresque decorations and surrounded by a deep moat crossed by a drawbridge. It maintains the enchanting atmosphere – in addition to numerous pieces of furniture – of the 12th and 13th Centuries. In addition to the beautiful tower of Alfonso X, the imposing Homenaje Tower of Juan II80 metres high and surrounded by a dozen smaller towers, merits attention. Important historical events took place in this stronghold: the son of King Don Pedro de Castilla, illegitimate son of Enrico II was assassinated on the balcony of the Sala de los Reyes; from this fortress, Isabel The Catholic made her way to the Plaza Mayor of Segovia to be proclaimed sole heir to the throne and Kingdoms of Castilla y Leon after the death of her brother; King Philip II celebrated his marriage with Anna of Austria there. The Alcazar was the royal residence in the Middle Ages until the Court was moved to Madrid, and was later used as an arsenal, State prison and seat of the Royal College of Artillery.

In 1862, a terrible fire lasting three days destroyed it. After being restored it became the General Military Archives, the Military Academy of Artillery and a Museum. Its marvellous halls contain, among the many treasures, numerous paintings, mudejar works of art, the Cama gotica de Nogal (Gothic Bedroom in Walnut), the thrones of the Catholic Kings and an interesting collection of firearms.

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