Chillon Castle

Chillon castle, built in the 13th century over some Roman remains, stands on a rocky islet on the shores of Lake Lemano. 
It was the residence of the counts of Savoy throughout the Middle Ages.
It was originally a fortress, but it underwent numerous transformations over the years, slowly adapting to the development of defensive and offensive inventions. 
Changes were also made to the furnishings and decoration, emphasizing the great family name and following changes in court ceremony.
Countless historical figures have stayed here, including emperors, popes, princes and poets. 

Amongst the latter, it inspired the works of Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas and Lord Byron who wrote his famous work “The prisoner of Chillon” (1816), inspired by the tragic fate of Bonivard, a follower of the reform who was chained to the fifth pillar in the prison for four years between 1530 and 1536.

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