Hungry? Just go to our restaurants

If you should get hungry whilst travelling around Italy, you can sample the delicacies of our restaurants. 

Restaurant-Pizzeria Italia
Menus for all tastes, and also pizza, typical "piadina", and ice-cream, "south of Sicily"!

Self-Service San Marco
Choose among a variety of lovingly prepared dishes, which include pastas, salads, main dishes and fresh fish. 

Chiosco Canoe
Sandwhiches, drinks, pizza and hot dog in the shade of the gazebo in the picnic area.

Chiosco San Marco
Drinks, sandwiches and grated ice-drinks.

Chiosco Monterosa
Piadine, ice-creams and drinks next to picnic area.

Particular attention is paid to coeliacs, who will be able to find
lasagne and tortellini with cream and ham by Schaer and pizza margherita at the Osteria Italia;
lasagne by Schaer at the San Marco self-service restaurant; gluten-free ice cream is available in all bars.

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