The Park Rules


The Park Rules

Once you leave the Park you can not come back with the same ticket on the  same day (excepting previously authorised special cases)

It is prohibited to exit the park to purchase food and beverage.

It's severely forbidden to climb over the fences which surround the miniatures and to step over flowerbeds.


Smoking is not allowed while standing in line to access a ride, while at a show, or in places where it is explicitly forbidden.


Entering the park with bycicles, skateboards, rollerskates, etc. is not allowed.


Going shirtless and wearing bathing suits or wet clothes is not allowed in the park, restaurants or rides.


Do not leave backpacks and bags unattended. Lost objects are brought to our Information Office located inside the park as soon as possible. Do not leave valuables inside.
The park is not responsible for any loss or robbery.


Aggressive behaviour in the park will not be tolerated.


Disabled persons: access to some rides may be restricted for safety reasons.
Our rides and attractions staff is at your disposal should you need any information.


Dogs on a leash are welcome. If they are of a large size they are required to wear a muzzle. Dogs cannot go on rides; they can wait for you close by.
Please remember: you are required to clean after your dog!!!


The closing time of rides and attractions must be complied with. Our staff may have to close the rides' gates in advance, in order to clear the queue.


Pay attention to the notices posted at the entrance of each ride and attraction.


Should we be forced to close a ride or attraction due to maintenance, electrical power shortage, rain or bad weather, the entry-ticket will not be reimbursed, neither totally nor partially, nor can it be stamped to come back a different day.


Once the entry-ticket has been stamped it cannot be reimbursed (art. 74 DPR 633/72); it's mandatory to keep it and show it in case of fiscal inspection.


He/she who doesn't comply with the above listed rules and regulations will be asked to leave the park.

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