The green

The green

The green heart of the park

Green meadows, colorful flowers and over 10,000 plants frame over 300 miniatures and enrich the avenues, flower beds and picnic areas of Italia in Miniatura with freshness and colour.

We know better how much care and attention are paid to greenery!

The park has 2 types of green: that of normal furniture and that of complement, cared for by a specialized team.

There are 2 species of plants present in Italia in Miniatura: conifers (pines, cypresses, thujas, firs and cedars) and deciduous trees (poplars and oaks). More than 10,000 seedlings are purchased every year, from pansies to primroses, from begonias to geraniums, from petunias to sea lobularies, from lobelias to nicotines, etc... and the plantations take place at two different times, to guarantee a splendid flowering most of the year. Among the bulbs chosen for planting are those of tulips, hyacinths, crocuses and daffodils.

Among the most admired plants are 5,000 small trees, apparently very similar to bonsai. In reality they are pines, cypresses, oaks, thujas, poplars and firs, and they are subjected to a particular cultivation technique which keeps them small in size. With this particular technique there is no need to flare the plants or prune the roots and branches (as happens instead for bonsai) because it is enough to intervene on the foliage of the plant, i.e. only on the visible part.

The Park team above all chooses autochthonous plants, ie typical of this area and then dwarf variety plants and plants that are more resistant than others.

The care of the greenery at Italia in Miniatura makes the landscape setting of the scale monuments even more special. A look at green Italy, also characterized by fidelity to the national flora, makes the park a unique little jewel of its kind.

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