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Attractions 10:30 - 17:45 with Park opening 10:00-18:30
Attractions 10:30 - 16:15 with Park opening 10:00-17:00

The entrance ticket includes the visit to the exhibition area Italy and Europe with over 300 miniatures and the following attractions: 
Venice, Monorail, Old Sawmill, Esperimenta, Interactive Driving School, Piazza Italia Show Arena, Pappamondo, Castel Sismondo, Panoramic Tower and Pinocchio.

Areavventura and Cinemagia 7d: paying attractions 

Also included in the entrance ticket are the “Muro parlante Italia” and “Muro parlante Europa” and the sound machines

Interactive Driving School: booking is required at the attraction (limited number of seats).
The driving license will be released on demand and on payment. 

Esperimenta: during the educational tours is reserved for schools.

* 6-13-20-27 November / 4 December 8-9-10-11 December - 18 December / from 26 December to 8 January 2023
Attractions in operation and included in the admission ticket: Venezia, Esperimenta, Arena Spettacoli Piazza Italia, Panoramic Tower and Pinocchio. 
Cinemagia 7d (paying attraction) 

The Italia in Miniatura cash desks remain open up to an hour and a half before the Park closes, a time beyond which it is not advisable to access it because ... the park is so beautiful that it deserves a longer visit!

The Management reserves the right to partially or totally close the park in the event of special maintenance or technical problems that may preclude the safety of visitors.
Timetables and rates may vary at the discretion of the Management.

Info: Italia in Miniatura Tel. 0541 736 736

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